Sandakan is a town on the frontier of wild Borneo. In Sandakan,  the jungle seems to be encroaching into the city streets from the hills. When it rains, as it does nearly every day, it’s torrential, and you’ll want to seek shelter. Though not cosmopolitan, Sandakan does buzz during the daylight hours, with its fish markets, fruit stands, and curry kitchens. There is old industry here, in fishing and hardwood,  and new industry, with palm oil and the occasional tourist - really a lot going on for a small city. This is a friendly and foreign place, unassuming, and rough around the edges.
DSC2949 DSC3422  Street scenes in Sandakan DSC2928 DSC2929
DSC2983 DSC2946  A fisherman shows off his big catch at the central fish market. DSC3465 DSC3426
DSC3445 DSC3446 DSC2952 DSC3424
DSC2923 DSC2974 DSC3438 DSC2933
DSC2955 DSC3449 DSC3434 DSC3468  Every afternoon there was a soccer game played on this apartment block rooftop.
DSC3437 DSC2573 a c tonemapped DSC2961 DSC2577
DSC2922 DSC2920 DSC2942 DSC2925  Bright colors worn by locals in Sandakan
DSC2944 DSC3420 DSC2943 DSC2947
DSC2971 DSC2972 DSC2973